Working out while on keto

What About Working Out While On Keto?

A successful weight loss journey includes following a healthy diet plan and regular exercise. However, when it comes to the keto diet, your workout routine might change. In fact, when your body enters the ketosis state, it starts burning fat for energy. Thus, your body won’t get that quick energy burst necessary for your workout circuit.

It is definitely possible to exercise while on a keto diet. But, keep in mind that it will be different. Keep reading to find out more about the low-down on exercising while on keto.

Warning: You Might Not Have Enough Power to Workout!

I bet you’ve already heard about the not-so-famous “keto flu”. Kelli McGrane, a Registered Dietitian, says that ” [it is very common] to feel foggy, nauseous and fatigued the first two to four weeks on the keto diet. You might also get headaches”.

This keto flu is a sign of changes in your metabolism, now that your body is burning fat for energy. McGrane also explains that such symptoms can also be the result of electrolyte dips (due to the fact that your body flushes out lots of water during the first stage of a keto diet).

During the first phase of your keto journey, your ability to work out will decrease significantly (even if you hit the gym regularly).

Another reason behind feeling like a total drag during your “sweat session”? Well, here’s the thing. While on a typical diet, your muscles store sugar and carbs for energy, however, keto plans reduce those stores.

Suggested Workouts While on Keto

Even after the keto flu fades away, you will still feel sluggish during high-intensity workouts (i.e. sprinting, weightlifting, HIIT, and other exercises that require quick energy). It is not impossible to complete such workout sessions, but, you will definitely get tired quick and feel like you have less endurance.

This doesn’t mean that you have to stop working out. Low-intensity aerobic exercises (i.e. yoga, bike rides, jogging, etc.) might be the best choice for you. Make sure to take it easy on yourself!

Targeted Ketogenic Diet

If hitting the gym is what you love, then you might want to consider switching things up. Try following a targeted ketogenic diet instead of a standard keto plan. On a targeted ketogenic diet you have the option to eat your daily net carbs before your workout.

Another option is the keto cycling plan. This last requires you to follow the standard ketogenic plan throughout the majority of the week, and dedicate 1-2 days to eating high-carb meals.

But careful, if you chose the cycling plan, keep in mind that your body might be kicked out of ketosis on the high-carb days.

Overall, working out will not feel as good as on pre-ketosis. Maybe the keto diet is not your best choice after all.

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